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Photo Listings of Children Waiting for Adoption

We know that a photo speaks volumes and often catches the heart in a special way. Some countries will not allow us to photo list children except under a password protected website. Some allow us to provide information but no photo. We will always respect the requirements of the child's country while working to find a family for the child. This is to protect the children and maintain their privacy.The children featured on these pages are only a few of the many children living at orphanages, group homes or private foster homes in the countries in which we work.  

Requirements for Inquiry: It is in the children's best interest to be adopted as soon as possible by a qualified parent or parents. For this reason we will provide only basic information to anyone without a commitment to adoption demonstrated through the home study or contract process. We will only provide more detailed information on a requested child if you have a completed or in process home study or if you are already a client of this agency. If you meet either of these criterion and if you would like more information about a child or our adoption programs and services please call us at 303-333-1572 or submit an inquiry from our Contact Us page and an adoption professional will respond quickly.  

Our purpose in providing you with photos and information of waiting children for adoption has to do with our desire to raise awareness of these children in the hope of locating a family for them as soon as possible. We want to educate and make you aware of the need for adoptive families for waiting children. Waiting children are available for many reasons -- typically it is due to their older age (not baby or toddler), a special health or emotional need, or simply they are as yet unmatched to a family. It's easy to become discouraged by the staggering numbers of waiting and vulnerable children when thinking about how many children do not have parents or a place to call their own. To protect the children we reserve the right to use a temporary name until a commitment is made by the prospective adoptive parent. 

If you're interested in learning more about a specific medical need, talk with your local expert or for basic information check out this medical encyclopedia: