Haiti Children Waiting for Adoption

Thank you for visiting our Haiti waiting children page! Haiti is one of our more interesting and dynamic programs – the opportunities are always changing.  Haiti requests that we not photolist Haitian children who are waiting for adoption so we do not feature Haitian children on our Waiting Child page.

There are waiting children in Haiti.  These children are typically older children, sibling groups of 3+ and children with medical or emotional needs.  Healthy young children are available through the traditional program. Children are matched directly through the Haiti central authority, IBESR, not by A Love Beyond Borders.  IBESR has agreed to share information on waiting children with A Love Beyond Borders to support our efforts in finding the right family for each child.  

To learn more about adopting a child or children with special needs (by Haitian law a child with a physical, mental or medical condition, children over 6, and/or sibling groups) please call us at 303-333-1572 or submit an inquiry from our Contact page and an adoption professional will respond.

A Love Beyond Borders has completed many adoptions from Haiti.  These adoptions include healthy, young children with an equal number of adoptions for infants and children who are HIV+, children with Down's Syndrome, CP, children with delays and many repairable conditions. We also place sibling groups and older healthy children.  

If you are interested in the waiting children at our partner Creches (orphanage) in Haiti, please submit an inquiry from our Contact page and include your interest in Haiti Creches in the comment field.

Note:  If a child, in which you are interested, has medical conditions you would like to learn more about, we recommend you speak with your physician or medical expert.  For basic information about medical conditions please visit the NIH medical encyclopedia: http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/encyclopedia.html