Domestic Adoption Services

U.S Adoptions

Considering a private infant adoption in the US? Domestic adoptions may be arranged independently or through private adoption agencies depending on the state in which the prospective adoptive parents reside. Colorado is known as an “agency state” meaning all adoption services must be completed by a licensed adoption agency both in Colorado and out of state.  A Love Beyond Borders is licensed to provide home study and domestic adoption services in Colorado.

It is important to note that domestic adoption is complex because each state, county and territory in the US has separate and different laws governing adoption. For this reason it is important to hire qualified, experienced adoption and legal experts who will assist you with navigating the complexities of your adoption.

A Love Beyond Borders (LBB) invites you to choose us as your Colorado adoption partner.  LBB provides the services which are required under Colorado law to assist families interested in domestic adoption.  We do not provide placement services (meaning locating and matching you to a child to adopt). Instead, A Love Beyond Borders offers you flexibility to work nationally with any licensed placing agency or attorney of your choice. This allows you to spread your search for a child much broader than just Colorado, often greatly reducing the time it takes to welcome a child into your home.
We are able to provide you with a list of agencies and attorneys recommended by previous adoptive parents, and will gladly work with you and the licensed agency of your choice to ensure you meet Colorado requirements.

Our domestic adoption program services include:
• Domestic Home Study
• Pre-Adoption training and education: As part of your preparation for adoption, you will receive education that will help better prepare you for adoption and adoption parenting throughout your life. Colorado requires families take 16 hours of adoption training plus an infant care class.  The training will involve attending in person group trainings and supplementing with on-line training, reading books, watching videos, or doing individual research. Adoption of special needs children require 24 hours of education.
• Pre-placement coordination fee includes certification for foster home and liability of the child while in foster to adopt placement, and all the co-ordination with your placement agency and/or attorney, ICPC assistance, consultation, support and licensure
• Post Placement Services for six months supervision per Colorado regulations. Includes monthly contact, 3 home visits, two written reports for court and written consent to the adoption provided to court.

A Love Beyond Borders knows the adoption process can seem overwhelming. The staff at LBB will guide you step by step through the adoption process, collaborate with your out of state adoption partners and support you through your journey. We are available to you on the phone or in person to answer questions and inform you about each step. You can view and download a detailed information sheet on our domestic program by clicking here.  Please call us at 303-333-1572 or click here to contact us.